Schlomo Schmitz and German-Jewish Embracement... - Installation  
Schlomo Schmitz is a male shop-window doll, that hasn’t got any arms. That’s already one reason why his German-Jewish embracement is going to be difficult….
His name reflects his conflict of identity: As ‘Schlomo’ he’s a third generation Jew ­ but as ‘Schmitz’ he is a straightforward German. Abbreviated his name is ‘SS’
His clothes show aspects of this identity problem:

"It's a Hit to be a Yid ­ But it's Keuscher to be a Deutscher!" is on the front of his T-Shirt. It is implanted in a Star of David which itself is in the colours of the German flag: black-red-gold.
    (click for enlargement)
"I’m Proud to be a German Jew!" is on his one arm while "I’m Proud to be a Jewish German" is on the other.
Schlomo also has his problems in going to German-Zionist summer camps, organized by his local Jewish Community.
Another thing is that Schlomo just can’t stop having affairs with (blond) German Shicksers.
On Friday evenings he often leaves home after Kabbalat Shabbat...
(click for enlargement) go and have a curried (pork) sausage at the nearby snack bar.

In general, this young German Jew has identity problems between being Jewish and German. He’d like to point this out, but he hasn’t got any arms, hands or fingers to do it...

Ronnie Golz , November 2002