The Silent Concierge
(or David and Lilly Miss You a Lot)
Silent Concierges are a regular appearance in many halls of pre-war buildings in Berlin. They inform the visitor in which part of the building (front, courtyard, side-wings, left- or right-hand stairwells) and on what floor the person they want to visit can be found. The upper segment of such concierge's quite often lists the owner or estate agent responsible for the building. In some cases a special segment informs on where the nearest police or fire station can be found.

This Silent Concierge deals neither with a house nor with living persons, but with


To be seen are:

grandfather, Joseph, who in 1939 committed suicide in the face of deportation.
grandmother, Rosa, who was gassed in Treblinka in 1942.
aunt, Ilse who was gassed in a truck in Kulmhof in 1941.
The first
wife of my father, Marianne, who after a show-trial in 1943 was executed for helping Jews to escape from Prague.
uncle, Arnos who was gassed in Auschwitz in 1943, and
aunt, Olga who was gassed in Auschwitz in 1943.

Instead of the building's owner, the ramp in Auschwitz-Birkenau can be seen, and instead of nearby police or fire stations, a a deportation train time-table of death.

David and Lilly are the god- or great-godchildren of the murdered Persons.

Ronnie Golz, February 2001

Left: a deportation train time-table from Herbolzheim to Auschwitz

Below Left: The selection ramp at Auschwitz Birkenau