Reflections on
Moses Mendelson -
The following photo-collages were created for an art exhibition during the 2004 Jewish Culture Festival in Berlin. The topic of the festival was Moses Mendelson the founder of Reform Judaism in the 18th century.

Moses and the Tree of Enlightenment (Photograph)

Wisdom is like a tree that branches out in many directions. Moses wisdom on bringing traditional Judaism forward to suit modern requirements is expressed in this chance photograph.

50 x 60 cm

Hascabbala – Hascala meets Cabbala 7 x 7 (Photo-Collage)

Hascala is the Hebrew word for Jewish enlightenment. Cabbala is about Jewish mysticism. The number '7' plays a central role in Cabbala because God created the World in 7 days. The photo-collage shows the effect of a power field of 49-images of Moses Mendelson influenced by the magic of the Cabbala.

50 x 60 cm

The Truth About Moses Arrival in Berlin (Photo-Collage)

Rumours have it that Moses Mendelson appeared at a northern gate of 18th century Berlin and was at first refused access. The truth is that a basket with Moses Mendelson in it was found by some Berliners on the bank of the River Spree.

50 x 60 cm

Felix & I (Photo-Collage)

Felix-Mendelson-Bartholdy has always been defined as a Jewish composer. The truth of it is that his father had converted to Protestantism and that Felix was strongly influenced by Christian beliefs. His music is in no way specifically 'Jewish'. I found the article heading from the leading German Jewish weekly somewhat provocative. This photo-collage is my way of replying.

Tina – I Love you (Photo-Collage in Backlight Box)

Tina Mendelsohn is an anchorwoman on Germany's leading daily culture programme 'Kultur Zeit' (Time for Culture). She is rather attractive. Her family background is unclear; in fact she may have gained the name Mendelson through marriage. In any case Moses gives a clear answer which has a double meaning: God KNOWS or GOD knows…..