The Little Diary
The German Girl: YOU Belong to the Führer Too The Automobile Creates Jobs!
OPEL: Serving Germany's Advance - Serving Germany's Traffic Development
If this man would have been sterilised, the following would not have been born:
1 Unsocial Individual ­ 4 Deaf and Dumb ­ 3 Stutterers - 2 Epileptics ­ 1 Mentally Handicapped ­ 1 Physically Handicapped
One Year At Work! The Telefunken Company Comrade: Our Führer is 50 Gas Everywhere!
Involvement Leads to Success!
German business ability passed down through three generations has led Tengelman - a pure German family company - from small beginnings to its present importance.
Moth-Proof Schachenmayr NoMotta-Wool
The German Woman Knits Once Again!
Thanks to the Führer, she has found her way back to the home
In Step with the Times: AEG Philipp Holzmann Ltd.
The Headquarters of the Führer in the New Chancellery. The links between Philipp Holzmann Ltd. the SS, the Wehrmacht and the Organisation Todt expanded throughout the War.
They reached a climax in 1944-45. Concentration Camp prisoners had to work in near inhuman conditions on nearly all the company's construction sites. The 'Total Building Campaign' was a result of declaring 'Total War'.  

The Little Diary is a reflection about the 'Zeitgeist' of National Socialism, about the perpetrators, about their supporters, about the victims and above all, about the missing members of my family.

Berlin, november 1999

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21st March 1929:
My father marries Marianne in Berlin
7th July 1934:
Hans und Marianne emigrate to Prague
21st September 1936:
Aunt Annelies dies of Epilepsy in Prague
13th August 1939:
Grandfather Goldlust commits suicide in Prague
17th August 1939:
My mother emigrates to England
26th January 1943:
Grandmother und Grandfather Reiss are deported
to Theresienstadt
19th May 1942:
Aunt Ilse is gassed in Chelmno
22nd October 1942: Grandmother Goldlust is gassed in Treblinka
14th August 1942:
Great Aunts Flora und Dora are murdered in Riga
16th May 1944:
Great Aunt Lina is gassed in Auschwitz
8th October 1943:
Marianne is executed in Prague
12th October 1944:
Aunt Olga and Uncle Ernst are gassed in Auschwitz
  9th July 1999:
In an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Philipp Holzmann Ltd. admits its widespread use of forced labour during the 'Third Reich'.